Matrimony or marriage, according to the Catholic Church is one of the Sacraments established by means of a covenant or agreement between a man and a woman that want to establish themselves in partnership for the rest of their lives, in sickness and in health, in richness and in poorness, till death do them part.  The spouses shall bear the responsibility to procreate and educate their offspring according to the Catholic rituals.


1.     Call the Parish Office and make an appointment to meet with the Priest for a Pre-nuptial Interview.   During this interview, the future spouses will be provided with the Pre-nuptial Interview Questionnaire, four (4) copies of the Witness Form that needs to be notarized and information on how to obtain the Marriage License.

2.     Complete the Wedding Application to activate your file.

3.     Reserve the date and time for the wedding celebration.
NOTE:  Weddings can be scheduled for:

Monday through Saturday mornings and afternoons until 3:00 p.m. or after 7:00 p.m.

Weddings cannot be scheduled for Sunday.

4.     Submit deposit of six hundred dollars ($600.00).  Make check payable to St. Raymond’s Catholic Church.

5.     Initiate the process to obtain a legal copy of the original Certificate of Baptism for the bride and groom.  These certificates must have been issued within the last six (6) months.   Photo copies or scanned copies will not be accepted. 

6.     Initiate the process to obtain a copy of the Certificates of Communion and Confirmation.

7.     Initiate the process to obtain a legal copy of the Certificates of Birth for the bride and groom. 

8.     Access the Catholic Couple Retreat online site for the preparation of the marriage and follow the instructions on the screen:  Miami Archdiocese Marriage Preparation

9.     Call or email Henry and Adriana Garcia at (561) 201-8594 / in order to enroll in the required Marriage Preparation Class.

10.  Obtain a letter of permission from your Church to marry outside of its boundaries; if you do not reside within the 33145 zip code.

11.  Plan and reserve the date for your wedding rehearsal.  All wedding rehearsals take place on the Thursday before your wedding.  Call Olga Orozco at 786.942.3004 to schedule the rehearsal time and make final arrangements for the liturgy and ceremony.  You may want to discuss details about traditional ceremonies, such as: the arras (pledge of 13 coins made by the groom), unity candle, placement of the rosary or mantilla over the bride, will special lectors be assigned or if the offertory is to be presented by any family members or friends.

12.  Ensure that your Marriage File at the Parish contains the following documents, no later than one month prior to the wedding date:  

a)   Pre-nuptial Interview Questionnaire

b)   Four Witness forms, duly notarized.

c)   Certificate of Baptism for the bride and groom (issued within the last six (6) months.)

d)   Certificates of Communion and Confirmation for the bride and groom.

e)   Birth Certificate for the bride and groom.

f)    Certificate of completion of the Marriage Preparation class.

g)   Marriage License issued by the State of Florida Court for Miami-Dade County.

NOTE:  One month prior to the wedding date, you must bring the valid Florida Marriage License to the Parish Office.  The Marriage License can be obtained at:
Harvey Ruvin Clerk of the Courts, 601 N.W. 1st Ct., Suite 1900, Miami, FL 33136.

h)   Letter of permission to marry outside the boundaries of your Church, if you do not reside within the 33145 zip code.  

i)    Proof of the six hundred dollars ($ 600.00) deposit for the wedding, or pay the balance due.

NOTE:  If you would like to set up any musical arrangement for the wedding celebration, please contact:

 Clary Varona at 786.378.2112. Click here to see some of her performances.

Guidelines for photographs & Videos at Weddings

The Sacrament of Matrimony is a meaningful and religious ceremony.  Care should be taken at all times to respect and not disrupt the sanctity of the ceremony being held at our place of worship.  Please comply with the following guidelines during the religious wedding celebration:

Photographer and Videographer:

It is suggested that the bride and groom coordinate with the photographer and/or videographer about any special wishes for photographs/videos prior to the wedding date, as many of these wishes must be coordinated with the priest who will be celebrating the marriage, and thus avoid last minute inconveniences; especially if movie cameras and lights will be used.

  • Be respectful and discreet while taking pictures during the religious ceremony.

  • Refrain from taking pictures during the Consecration and not enter the Sanctuary area.

  • Take pictures of the bride and groom at the altar – for about 30-35 minutes – after the religious ceremony is over.

  • You may want to discuss details about traditional ceremonies, such as: the arras (pledge of 13 coins made by the groom), unity candle, placement of the rosary or mantilla over the bride, with special lectors be assigned or if the offertory is to be presented by any family members or friends.

Guidelines for Florists

Flowers are beautiful decorations sent from above; however, many details must be taken into account prior to making final decisions on flower arrangements, especially for the religious ceremony.  Please guide yourself accordingly:

  • Only two bouquets are permitted on the Church Sanctuary. The Prei Dieu will be set in front of the Altar for the bride and groom. Both bouquets are usually placed on the Sanctuary right behind the Altar.

  • Flower arrangements –following a column style– are permitted at the entrance of the Church. It is suggested to measure the entrance of the Church prior to selecting the flower arrangement and avoid last minute inconveniences, especially with the bride’s dress.

  • Flower arrangements for the wedding may be delivered to the Church about 45 minutes prior to the religious ceremony. Call the Office and check the wedding schedule for the same date. If another wedding is not scheduled prior to yours, then flowers and decorations can be brought earlier.

  • If another wedding is scheduled after yours, then it is very important that the Flower Girl not throw flower petals on the aisle runner.

  • All flower arrangements, including the columns at the entrance, any aisle runner, bows, etc. must be removed at the end of the ceremony, including picking up of any flower petals that may be dropped. St. Raymond Church is not responsible for any articles that are left in the Church.

Aisle Runner:
The aisle runner in the central aisle of the Church is permitted; however, it cannot be held down by pins, tape, clamps, staples, etc.  All of these devices cause wear and tear of the Church’s carpet on the central aisle.  Remember there are many weddings constantly taking place, and everyone has their preference for aisle runners, so these must be considered as very light and temporary decorations.

Arrangements on the Pews:
Bows or small flower arrangements are permitted on the pews, only as long as they are held by elastic bands.  Tape, thumb tacks or any other means of support for the bows or flower arrangements are not permitted, as these can damage the finish of the pews.  

Thank you for your cooperation.  We are confident that with your professionalism, expertise and compliance to the above stated guidelines, all of the arrangements for this special Sacrament will be remembered for years to come by the bride, groom, family and all attendees.

Weddings at St. Raymond Church

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