Reflexiones - September 20, 2015

“If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”  Mk. 9:35.
After the disciples’ discussion about who was the most important and powerful, Jesus tells them that to follow Him in the serving of thy neighbor they have to abandon their old self with their egos and arrogances and welcome Him.  He gives them the example of a child:  “Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me”.  Mk. 9:37.
In this Gospel, Jesus reminds us that the old self is the result of sin.  The preoccupation for the old self is about himself only and the old self is only interested in those things in which it could be the protagonist.  Many times the old self teeters between the complex of inferiority and superiority.  Its goals are self-glorification and self-complacency.  It is a “disease” of superiority very common in today’s world fed by God’s enemy.  Remember Peter’s phrase:  “Although these will forsake you, I will not forsake you” Mt. 26:23. 
However, Jesus has a proposal for his servers, “be like children” living your Baptism, your “new birth”.  You have to be “born of water and Spirit”, Jn. 3:5, reflecting in our simplicity of life that we are the image and likeness of God.
The two tendencies of the old self and of the new man coexisted with the disciples and also coexist with us.  These tendencies, of course, act and think in different ways.
That is why we find contradictory tendencies in the disciples as well as in us like pride and humility.  As James 3:17 says in the Second Reading:  “The wisdom from above is first of all pure…..compliant, full of mercy and good fruits….”.  This is the new man, humble.  But there is also the old self full of passions…..wars, arrogance…
The Lord invites us on this day to grow the new man , “that child – that simplistic spirit” which He gives us by His Cross, Death, and Resurrection, and that gives life in us through prayer, confession, the Eucharist, to exercise our gifts for the good of the community “being the servant of all “, helping them to grow and infecting them with Christ.