Reflexiones - Nov. 16, 2014

“Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities.  Come, share your master’s joy”.  Mt. 25:23.
We live in a culture where emphasis is placed in our freedom and independence, which is not a bad thing if it helps us build the Kingdom of God.  However, there are groups that claim this lifestyle of freedom without regard to others.  For example there are social groups that say that a woman is free to dispose of her body and can decide on the life of the unborn by aborting.  Other groups are supporters of euthanasia claiming that the human being is free and independent to make that decision.  A few days ago I read in the news about a young woman who decided when she should die.
Today the Lord invites us to practice the faith.  We are administrators and not masters of our lives and therefore one day we will have to give an account on how we use our freedom.  God has given man the freedom to opt for the good.
The reflection of the Gospel is very simple.  Three employees received money from their employer.  The employer is the risen Christ and when He returns on His second coming the employees will be held accountable for its management.
Two employees invested and bore fruit in their spiritual and evangelization growth.  The third employee opted to not put into action the gift of faith.  He forgot that one day he would be asked for an account on how he had managed and lived his faith with the time that God gave him.
In this Gospel we find different ways of living the Christian faith.  There are those who live their Christian praxis in the style of Christ giving fruits of love and charity to the poor and needy.  An example was St. Martin de Porres, O.P.  There are others who allow themselves to be carried away by an egocentric culture, living, as Pope Francis says:  “grazing themselves or combing the sheep”, without any spiritual or evangelizing concern.
Today let us ask the Lord as we receive the Eucharist to become aware of the fact that we are not independent but interdependent on each other and that the freedom that we receive from our Lord is an opportunity to be faithful and participate in the banquet of His Kingdom.  Amen.