Reflections - February 3, 2019

“No prophet is accepted in his own native place.” Lk. 4:24.

In this week’s Gospel Jesus presents himself in the synagogue of His town as a prophet. Yet His people did not receive Him. The question we can ask ourselves is: Why didn’t they receive Him? They didn’t because they could not accept that in Jesus were found the three realities in which the life of the people of Israel revolved: priesthood, prophetism, and the Reign of God. Jesus assumes all prophetism until John the Baptist. All the Scriptures are fulfilled in Jesus. He is the “I am, the expected One of all the nations, the Redeemer, the Savior”.

Also Jesus Christ’s prophetism is as St. Paul says: “to build, exhort, and console”. This is the mission that Jesus has left to the Church for our baptismal commitment.

To accept that in Jesus as been fulfilled what was prophesied in Scripture we must allow our hearts and minds to transform accepting that the Kingdom of God is already here and that Jesus’ liberating message reorients our life leaving behind “compromises and shady deals”. Otherwise we will reject Jesus just as His contemporaries did: “Physician, cure yourself” or “Isn’t this the son of Joseph?”

In our everyday reality it can be an attitude of indifference and superficiality in the face of the crime of abortion where the abortion of a baby up to nine months of pregnancy is “legally” accepted if, as they say, “it is necessary…”.

My dear families, it is not possible to have a true faith in Jesus up to the cross without discovering His compassion for His neighbor especially in the most helpless. Remember: Jesus is the Prophet of God’s compassion.

All, by Baptism, are called to be prophets of the new evangelization announcing Christ with the truth of His word, His compassion, and the example of His life. As Pope Francis says: “We must smell the sheep, that is, we must involve ourselves in everyday social realities making our voices heard with the strength of Christ”. Pope Francis told this to the youth on World Youth Day: “Be witnesses to the truth walking and announcing the Lord”, the Prophet of the Truth.

When you receive Communion ask the Lord to strengthen your faith to believe that good is more powerful than evil and that the truth of the prophetic message of salvation, which He brought us with His cross, death and resurrection, is stronger than the lie of sin.