Reflections - January 20, 2019

“His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.” Jn. 2:5.

On this second Sunday of Ordinary Time we celebrate the Wedding at Cana.

In this Gospel I would like to highlight the sublime figure of the mother of God Mary, Most Blessed, in the first miracle of her Son Jesus at a wedding. Mary observes and warns: “They have no wine”. The merciful and caring mother with an overflowing faith trusts in the goodness of her Son and the miracle is given. Mary’s loving request may not coincide with the expectations and impatience of our time, but she does coincide with her Son’s heart to love the needy unconditionally.

Blessed Mary gives us the first Christian teaching: to be attentive and discover around us “when the wine is missing”. There are many spiritual, social, and moral needs that exist. Today we are desperately missing in our society a new sense of fraternity and solidarity! We live in a world that needs to be visited by the presence and joy of Jesus and His mother and we need to allow them to enter our hearts and not resign ourselves to read the everyday reality that reach our senses from the different means of communication that sometimes overpowers our feelings and decisions.

Another lessons the Virgin teaches us is to gain a new sensitivity to “do what He tells us”. When you are missing the wine of the faith listen to what the Lord says: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me”. Jn. 14:1. He also tells us: I have conquered the world! If you lack the wine of generosity He says: “To all those who ask – give”. Lk. 18:1.

Let us go to the mother in our prayers so that she may awaken in each of us alertness to the needs of our neighbor by humbly doing what He tells us. Let us pray a rosary for families and the respect for the life of the unborn being in solidarity with those who defend this right as this year’s motto says: “To be pro life is to be pro science. The DNA of life begins in fertilization”.