Reflections - August 12, 2018

“I am the bread that came down from heaven.”  Jn. 6:41.
In the context of Jesus in the Eucharist, Jesus tells us:  that He is “the bread that gives life”.  If we reflect on the First Reading we find the prophet Elijah, who after preaching against the idolatry of his people and of those in power, was persecuted and, unfortunately as what usually happens in these cases, everyone abandoned him.  He then suffered a profound existential crisis perhaps even asking himself where was the Lord in all of this.  However, in the midst of the crises an angel appeared to him and invited him to feed on the bread.  Recovering his spiritual strength he climbed Horeb, the mountain of the living and true God.
In the previous reading and in the Gospel we find two attitudes.  First that of Elijah who murmurs against God because he is lonely, persecuted, and abandoned, a very human gesture of calling to his good Father God.  Who in a moment of despair and sorrow has not exclaimed:  Where is God in all of this?  I also invite you to reflect on the feelings of Jesus’ countrymen.  Many of them believed to know Him as the son of the carpenter.  That is why it was difficult for them to understand His filial relationship with His Father, God.  What conclusions can we draw from these attitudes.  Well that faith is a gift from God.  This is how it was in Jesus’ life.  Some saw Him resurrect a dead man and said:  “This is the Son of God, alive and true” while others were looking for ways to eliminate Him or were just indifferent to Him.
In our culture there are many who claim to believe in the Lord, but without commitment. These are human attitudes that as Pope Francis say:  “They are human, but not Christian”.  Human freedom is a mystery where human beings have to constantly respond to the grace of God opting with faith for Jesus, the Bread of LIFE, to face the traps of evil or rejecting the Christian life style with all of the consequences of the indifference, injustice, and pain that we see every day around us.
Remember brothers and sisters, Jesus, the Bread of Life, is the only one that brings us the forgiveness of the sin of indifference uniting with us in solidarity before the pain and suffering of many brothers and sisters.  
I do not want to end without reminding you that the best example of saying YES to the Lord is found in Mary, the mother of faith.  This Wednesday, the 15th of August, we celebrate the Assumption of Mary elevated to heaven.  She is an example of solidarity.  I invite you to pray the rosary for all the families who suffer in our community and for the new evangelization.