Reflections - June 3, 2018

“Take it; this is my body.” Mk. 14:22
Today the Church celebrates the Feast of Corpus Christi.  This feast was instituted by Pope Urban IV to remember an extraordinary miracle that occurred in 1263 in Orvieto, Italy.  A priest doubted the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and as he doubted he saw that blood began to flow out of the consecrated Host and the corporal body was dyed with the glorious blood of our Lord.  The fabric of this corporal body is preserved in the Cathedral of Orvieto.
After this brief explanation I would like to dwell on Christ’s phrase:
“This is my body”.
This covenant of love happens at every mass when we participate in the sacrifice on the cross in which Christ surrenders himself for us.  “Do this in memory of me”.  Of course “memory” in the Aramaic language did not mean to remember, but “to now make present” so that we may have life, “abundant life”.
This is the invitation that the Lord gives us when we participate in His Body and Blood, to have an abundant life.  Hence the importance of participating in the mass, nourishing ourselves with the Word of God and the Bread of life that we receive at Sunday Mass and that is taken to the sick.  However, to receive His Body and Blood we have to be prepared.  That is why we say at the beginning of the Mass:  “before celebrating these sacred mysteries let us call to mind our sins” and here the priest is referring to venial sins – mortal sins have to be confessed in the Sacrament of Confession.
Today in this Feast of Corpus Christ we are invited to put at the center of our lives Christ, the Bread of Life and to not remain in an individualistic encounter.  Our faith is of community which is why we must bring that experience of “the living God”, Heb. 9:14, to our families and friends with Christian joy and hope.  Remember that our evangelization has to be built around the table of “the Bread of Life – the Body and Blood of Christ for the life of the world”.