Reflections - February 25, 2018

“This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him.”  Mk. 9:7.
In an environment where the glory of God is manifested, the Lord transfigures at the summit of a mountain.  In the history of the people of Israel the mountain was a place of encountering the glory of God.  An example of this was Moses in Mount Horeb and also Elijah.  It was a place of prayer and manifestation of Yahweh, our God.
In the Transfiguration of the Lord there are two people next to him, Moses and Elijah that represent the commandments and the prophets.  Also up the mountain climbed Peter, the Rock of the Church, and James and John, columns of the Church.  All were very important in the plan of Salvation.
In this spiritual encounter of the disciples with Jesus the voice of the Father manifests itself inviting the disciples to listen to the Lord in prayer and to carry His Cross in their daily life.  He invites them to not remain in this spiritual experience, but to also with their words and their liberating signs of healing release from evil and to satisfy from hunger and thirst for justice giving hope and walking with Jesus by “denying oneself and carrying one’s daily cross until death as the apostles and God’s saints did.  The server is not greater than his Lord”.
God the Father also tells the baptized, you and me to:  “Listen to him”.  But do we listen to the Lord or, by contrast, do we listen to the voices of those “false gods” that often conceal His voice?  My hope is that in this Lenten time, prayer can help you to know how to listen and how to discern “what the Lord wants from you”.  Perhaps it is to discover the “interferences” that do not allow you to convert and become more generous and more grateful to the love that the Lord has spilled over time through your vocational call either religious or matrimonial.
Ask the Lord in the Eucharist to help you to listen and follow Him and then strengthened in faith to accept your daily cross.  Let us remember what Paul said to the Romans:  “If God is with us, who is against us?