Reflections - October 14, 2018

“For human beings it is impossible, but not for God. All things are possible for God.” Mk. 10:27.

Today we hear a question that we should all ask ourselves at one point or another in our lives: What must I do to inherit eternal life? The most important thing to remember is that this question is made by a young man. For those who say that young people live without concerns, we find in today’s Gospel this young man who does not feel satisfied and questions what is the ultimate meaning of life.

Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, tells us that “all things are possible for God” and that there is a way for all men and women who want to do His will. Of course, Jesus’ proposal is for those who feel uneasy and it is based on the Commandments. Do you know the Commandments? These are the materials that help us to build “the Way”; that takes us on our journey through life relating to our God and our neighbor and ultimately to attain eternal life.

However, Jesus has something more for those men and women with concerns who “want to walk and not crawl spiritually” in this beautiful time in which we live. Now the Lord proposes something more radical and liberating. “You are lacking in one thing. Go sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me”. A call for those who want to radically live the spirit of the Gospel by carrying their cross each day and serving.

This call does not mean that Jesus rejects wealth and that poverty is good. Remember that: “all that the Lord has done is very good”. What following the Lord requires is freedom and detachment, to follow Him along the path that He first made. We cannot be tied to live as He lived, “we cannot serve two masters”.

Remember that the logic that the Lord teaches in the different stages of life is to put ourselves on alert with profound discernment on the “false values” presented to us by the spirit of darkness like riches, vainglory, pride and from there all the sins and vices that cannot fill our eagerness for eternal life.

Today upon receiving Communion let us ask Christ, “for whom everything is possible”, for freedom to choose “the two riches that will never disappear, the Lord and our neighbor”. Pope Francis