Reflections - January 7, 2018

“We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage.”  Mt. 2:2.
Today in the Church of the East and of the West is the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord.  The symbol of the Epiphany is the light.  “Our Savior reveals himself to us as a signal for a “disoriented” world”.
The First Reading of Isaiah invites us to “raise your eyes” and search the light as the Kings did.  It is a light that gives joy and Christian hope.
Yet to find that light commits us through our Baptism to “raise up” from our superficialities and be a light to lead our brothers and sisters towards Christ, “the light of the world”.  That is our best gift.
However, there is a great temptation to stay, as Herod, in a relativism very typical of our time, “…..and place yourself”, as Pope Francis says, “in the center of yourself and your interests giving absolute priority to your conveniences and interests and eliminate everything that affects your “comfort zone”.
The Gospel of this Sunday of the Epiphany is an invitation to follow the Light of Christ, listen to His voice and get back on track, but the most curious is that when you encounter Christ you will not do the same as the wise men.  The Gospel says:  “They departed for their country by another way.”
Let us pray to the Lord in the Eucharist to allow His light to shine in us in this New Year so that our good works in the parish, in our family and socially will “give glory to the Father in heaven”.
I invite you to begin this year with three good works towards the needy.
Be kind.  Teach those near you “not what you know, but what they mean to you”.
Give encouragement to the young, the elderly and families.  “Tell them:  Yes they can with Christ”.  Give Hope – the theological virtue that means to dream and see through the light of faith what others do not see to the merciful Lord.
Happy New Year in Christ.