Reflections - July 2, 2017

“Whoever gives only a cup of cold water to one of these little ones to drink because he is a disciple – amen, I say to you, he will surely not lose his reward.”.  Mt. 10:42.
The Church continues to present in the Gospel the following of Jesus Christ.
Jesus asks us for absolute loyalty and fidelity to His person, which is reflected in our attitude toward our neighbor.  It could sometimes be small, “ a glass of water”, but in the context in which He spoke, Jesus had a deeper meaning of life.  Jesus wants to indicate in this Gospel that any work, effort, sacrifice for thy neighbor, no matter how small, will be rewarded, “the evangelical radicalism” means:  “carry the daily cross and follow Him”.
To what cross does Jesus refer?  It is to assume the every day difficulties.  From the moment we come into this world we encounter difficulties and sufferings, but I have good news.  “When you carry your cross, you are not alone.  Christ goes ahead of you and nothing will happen to you that did not happen to Him” and remember what He tells us:  “Have faith.  I have overcome the world”.
We sometimes forget that “heaven is won here”.  That is why what we do here for our neighbor has such importance.  God has created us, we are Christ’s brothers and sisters, we are God’s family, therefore our neighbor cannot be indifferent to us.
Now the serious question:  How are we going to serve Christ in our neighbor?
There is a virtue that helps us to follow Jesus – His humility, which is synonymous with:  to refuse oneself, carry His cross and follow Him.  That is our “Social Security” that identifies us as servants of Christ and opens the door to heaven.
We ask the Lord in the Eucharist for the same sentiments of simplicity and friendship that He had to “love and serve Him more” through the most needy.  In other words to discover “His presence in everything that sanctifies me – that is my reward”.