Reflections - June 4, 2017

“”Come, God, the Holy Spirit, and send us from heaven your light to enlighten us…….without your divine inspiration man can do nothing and sin dominates us…..”.
(Pentecost Sequence).
Today the Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast of Pentecost and ends the liturgical season of Easter.  On Monday commences Ordinary Time.
I would like to dwell briefly on what this feast means.  Pentecost means “fifty” days after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Today we Christians celebrate the promise of Jesus, the Son of God, who sends us the Holy Spirit to enrich our communities and our lives with His seven gifts.
What is the Holy Spirit?  It is the force that transforms everything, for example, it converted some cowardly apostles into courageous messengers of the Word of God given them dedication and self-denial.
That same spirit has been poured out through the centuries in the Church.  “For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, and we were all given to drink of one
 Spirit”.  1Cor.12:13.
Let us reflect this week on what the seven gifts mean in our lives:
Gift of Wisdom.  Makes us savor with sympathy and conviction that God is our Savior, Redeemer, and Sanctifier.  It makes us get a taste for prayer, the Word of God, and the Eucharist.
Gift of Wisdom.  Is given to Christians to have certainty of what we believe and teaches the Magisterium of the Church, in the light of the Holy Spirit, and to “be consistent with what we believe”.
Gift of Counsel.  It is very closely related to the virtue of prudence, to discern and make decisions with upright intentions.
Gift of Fortitude.  It is a special force to “give hope and to bring Christ to where others say He cannot go”.  That is how the saints were.  They were able to resist and to give up their lives with the strength of the Holy Spirit.
Gift of Science.  This gift helps us to distinguish between the evil spirit and the good spirit, from what is truth to what is false, from “the light and the darkness”, beginning in our lives.
Gift of Mercy.  This gift helps us feel a profound love for the things of the Kingdom of God.  It moves us to feel love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Rosary, the devotion to the Divine Mercy, and to the Blessed Sacrament.
Gift of Fear of God.  It is a gift of love, respect and adoration; which leads us to feel with this phrase:  “Die before abandoning you”.  “Because love must be put more into works than into words”.  St. Ignacio.
I invite you this week to reflect on the sequence of the Holy Spirit…. without your divine inspiration men and women can do nothing and sin dominates us…...Amen (Sequence)