Reflections - May 22, 2017

“Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who loves me.” 
Jn. 14:21.
In today’s Gospel the Lord invites us to fulfill his mandates by making a preferential option to follow Him and to follow His style of life, which is His dedication and love.
We know that by our own strength is would be impossible to follow Him and do good.  The Lord tells Peter that he should follow Him in deprivation:  “When you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go”, Jn. 21:18.  However the question would be:  From where do we draw spiritual strength?  The Gospel invites us to allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the “Spirit of Truth”, which dwells in us through Baptism and Confirmation.
Brothers and sisters, when we give ourselves to the task “of living according to the values of Christ in the world” let us prepare to “suffer for doing good”, 1 Pt 3:16.  However the Lord promises us that we are not alone.  The Holy Spirit will always be with us making us stronger as we carry our daily cross:  “the gallows for some, idiocy for others,….the power of God for us”.  Pope Francis.
The Lord’s invitation is to let the Consoling Spirit to take control of our lives, with their crosses, allowing It to act.
We know that life is hard, but we also know that Christ left us the Consoling Spirit to strengthen us in our spiritual life and thus overcome the wiles of the enemy without despairing, “The Lord will not leave us orphans”, Jn. 14:18.  Whoever loves Christ has guaranteed the love of the Father and the communion of the Holy Spirit when it comes time to make decisions; practicing good and avoiding evil.  As the Apostle Peter says:  “For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the will of God, than for doing evil.”  1 Pt. 3:17.
Let us pray to the Lord in the Eucharist for a spirit of discernment to practice the commandment of love with our neighbors in need by giving them words of encouragement and hope and to accompany them in their solitude.