Reflections - March 12, 2017

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well please; listen to him.”  Mt. 17:5.
On this Second Sunday of Lent the Church presents us with the Transfiguration of the Lord and the Father’s invitation to listen to His Son.
This revelation of the Transfiguration is the anteroom of the proclamation of the Lord of His passion, death, and resurrection.
In an atmosphere of death and pain the Lord is transfigured to strengthen the disciples’ faith and confirm His mission of having been sent by the Father to complete the Plan of Salvation.
“This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him”.  I would like to dwell briefly on the words:  “Listen to Him”.  What does it mean for the Apostles to listen?
The Apostles as well as others heard what they wanted to hear.  What did they want to hear?  Pain and suffering was, of course, not in their plans.  They wanted to “succeed, reign, and control”.
Let us ask the same question to ourselves.  What does it mean to listen?  I imagine that for some if God, the Father, is not communicating via Twitter or Facebook they are not listening.  But the Lord is communicating on twitter…….through His Word and the messages of the Pope.  And why not?  But are we listening?
I read a few days ago a thought about listening that said:  “The person who is listening has to clear his home so that the person speaking can move in”.  There are many things in our “house” that do not allow God to enter in the home of our soul.  There are many things that occupy an “unnecessary place”.  These are interests that are sometimes filled with offers of false happiness, at the border of what are honest, what makes us free and entangle us in sin.  No one can answer by the conscience of the other!
This Lent is a call to “listen” and give a place in our life to “Christ Jesus, who destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” 2 Tim 1:10.
We are invited to practice abstinence each Friday of Lent.  Perhaps a good abstinence would be to “clean my home of unnecessary noise”.  To make silence in order to listen to the voice of the host of our souls, Jesus Christ and His mother, Mary,  through our conscience, community prayer, the rosary, our family, mass, and the setbacks in our lives.
Remember that the Lord transmits 24 hours a day.  The only thing that He asks is to welcome Him, to convert and to “listen through the cross of each day”.