Reflections - December 25, 2017

“And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”  Jn. 1:14.
Today is the great day expected from all the centuries.  Today God’s project has been completed – to send His Son and for His Son to become one with us minus sin.  Jesus chooses the earth as His dwelling place to be near us.  Now no one can ask where is God.  Now no one can say that the Lord has abandoned us.  No, the Lord is in our joys and sadness.  As Pope Francis says:  “The earth is no longer just a valley of tears, but it is the shop where God dwelt among us”.  Paul says:  The Son is “the refulgence of his glory….who sustains all things by his mighty word.”  Heb. 1:3.
To be incarnated the Son of God runs the risk of entering a world marked by sin, pain, suffering, poverty, and wars.  Jesus assumes our history full of greatness, but also full of miseries.  However, today we are happy because God who overcame sin and death “united with us to raise the dust of our misery and lead us to the dignity of being children of God through Baptism.
Today in Psalm 98 we hail the Lord saying:  “Sing a new song to the Lord, who has done marvelous deeds”.  Yes, this is the great gift of the Child of Bethlehem, that in the humility of the manger, together with His Mother Mary and Joseph, invites us:  to “acclaim to the Lord, full of joy and hope because today He won with His light the darkness of our fatigue, sadness, and sins.
There is hope and we are glad because the birth of Christ is good news – “it is the true gift to which we all aspire in the vacuum of our hearts”.  Yet that gift and that joy have to be shared with our brothers and sisters.  Let us pray to the Lord in the Eucharist for the grace of making us one with those who feel alone and expect a light of hope from the lips and the hearts of those who today celebrate the birth of the Son of God, “who dwells among us”.