Reflections - December 17, 2017

“Who are you?” John said:  “I am the voice of one crying out in the desert, Make straight the way of the Lord”.  Jn.1:22-23.
On this third Sunday of Advent the Gospel presents to us the figure of John the Baptist.  He is a dominant figure and with his simplicity of life and his straight and blunt manner of speaking, he invited all to conversion:  “Make straight the way of the Lord”.
What does John mean when he says:  Make straight the way of the Lord?  He meant to convert and the sign of that conversion was to recognize sins and be baptized with water.  Those who were sent to ask lost a chance for conversion.  They only served as informers and were not humble enough to “hear the voice of one crying out in the desert” and make changes in their lives purifying what was twisted and dehumanized until the arrival of the One who would baptize with water and the Holy Spirit – the Christ of Glory.
I would also like to highlight this Sunday the example of humility of John the Baptist, who “does not try to be accepted or say something that others would like by the powerful ones who asked him “who he was”.  John the Baptist knew that he was an unrepeatable prophetic mystery created in the image of God and that his mission was to “testify to the light” of the Anointed of God:  “He would herald the good news of salvation to the poor, heal those with broken hearts, and forgive the captives……from sin”.  John the Baptist did not attribute an identify that did not belong to him because John the Baptist revolved around “the one whose sandals strap he was not worthy to untie” – the Lord.
May the example of John the Baptist help us “to make straight our path” so that our hearts may be conquered by the eternal Word of God.
May Holy Communion also move our hearts to hear the voice of the brother who cries in the desert of his loneliness.  May we be the voice that gives consolation and the voice in this Advent that gives hope and Christian joy especially in the practice of humility and charity.