Reflections - October 8, 2017

“When vintage time drew near, he sent his servants to the tenants to obtain his produce…”.  Mt. 21:43
Today the parable of the vineyard invites us to deeply ponder Jesus’ message on “when vintage time drew near”.  Vintage time or the harvest for Jesus is the fruit that He expects from us.
The Prophet Isaiah speaks of the vineyard as a symbol of Israel.  The message is simple:  the Lord expects abundant fruits.  However, throughout the history of the people of Israel the vineyard did not always bore fruit.  It was sometimes the infidelities that received messages by the Lord, the Prophets, Isaiah, John the Baptist….
Yet, “God so loved the world that he sent His only Son”, thinking that they would listen to Him, but He could not collect much fruit from many among the Sanhedrin and those who managed the house of God, the priest of the supreme council.  Then since the Son became a threat for them and for their security of the “Law”, they considered Him blasphemous and eliminated Him on the cross”.  But the stone which the builders rejected then became the cornerstone”.
This story of the vineyard is about the leaders of the chosen people, but it is also about us.  Vintage time has arrived and it is up to us to pick fruit for the Lord.  Our harvest is the Kingdom of God with its priorities and values.  But, do I have faith in the fruits of the Kingdom?  Faith is a decision.  Everything that involves hesitation or indecision points to a lack of faith and doesn’t harvest anything.  It just looks for its own selfish interests and cannot create anything.
Where can I find the fruits of my harvest?  Your harvest is where you find your difficulties.  You must go to prayer, with humility, and ask the Lord for a sincere compassion and an illuminated faith towards the poor, unborn, and the elderly that are sometimes abandoned and abused,  “He who has eyes to see then see”.  Look what we saw in this disaster of hurricane Irma when many elderly people died in very precarious situations in a home.  How different would it have been if the concern had been expressed in an active presence before those fateful days.  Harvest day is everyday in which our brothers and sisters are in need of food, in which the sick are visited and the poor who suffer in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, and the Caribbean receive our help and prayers.  That is the harvest that the Lord asks of us.