Reflections - November 13, 2016

“See that you not be deceived”.  Lk. 21:8.
Today Jesus in the Gospel presents us with a catastrophic panorama.  A few days ago there was a person who was saying that is looks like what is happening in our world.  We are surprised by so much catastrophes happening in the world because we always associate the presence of the Lord with peace and Christian joy.
What do all those catastrophes mentioned in the Gospel mean?  I feel that there is a very important message, “we have to be prepared”, “see that you not be deceived for many will come in my name”.  We know that there are many groups today that say “stop suffering”, without the cross of Christ, forgetting that we suffer for Christ not so that others will feel sorry for us but as a suffering redeemer, for our sins and the salvation of others, my spouse, children, friends even if I have to have it bad, and, of course, not with a pathological sense.  Where do we get the strength and consolation?  We get it only from Christ in the Eucharist.  He is our vitamin.  There are others who say:  “The end of the world is near”, and of course, they don’t give us any Christian hope.  They forget that the Lord always extends his hand toward us.  He is always coming.  He is always near.
There are huge cataclysms that are in our hands to avoid, for example:  a nuclear war, wars and religious fanaticism, and hunger.  These are things we can avoid in addition to many epidemics that we can prevent with scientific advances and as the Lord says:  See that you not be deceived with a culture where “truths and falsehoods is what is needed”, where moral relativism, the great deception that is lived in many cultures, and where we must give witness of Christian life and where sometimes the price of persecution is paid for living the values of Christ in the Universities, jobs and society.
“There will be powerful earthquakes”.  Sometimes only the shaking by a strong earthquake can make us release many things that have tried to enslave us.  They were “threads at the beginning, but now have become chains”.  St. Teresa said:  Detachment and humility walk hand in hand together as two inseparable sisters:  Powerful sisters, ladies of the world, liberators of all chains and tangles!  So beloved by the Lord that they were never seen without company….Very timid sisters that hide from the people who accompany them.
Let us ask the Lord to help us discern between the truths of Christ and the lies of the world and to purify our hearts with the grace of the Eucharist so that His visit of salvation will not catch us unprepared, but be firm to recognize with