Reflections - August 9, 2015

“The Jews murmured about him because he said, “I am the bread that came down from heaven…Jn. 6:41.
A few days ago I read a quote from Father P. Gonzalez Buelta, s.j. that might help us to reflect.  “Is our hearts entirely free to discern and welcome the proposal of God in our lives?”
There are different attitudes to God’s proposal in our lives.
The first attitude is found in the scripture from the Book of Kings where the Prophet Elijah after a great victory over the prophets of Baal passes through an existential crisis and tired of fighting says to the Lord:  “This is enough, O Lord!  Take my life…..”. 1 Kings 19:4.  However God does not abandon him and appears to him saying “Get up and eat, else the journey will be too long for you!”
The second attitude is found among some of the disciples of Jesus who knew Jesus and His family well and could not discern and welcome his true identity as Son of God.  They saw Jesus on such a “daily basis” that their minds and hearts were not free to recognize the new Jesus, “the Bread that gives Life”.
What can we draw from the attitude of Elijah and the people of God.  Faced with the mystery of human freedom, some said, “If this man is the Son of God”, and discovered that thanks to Him we will be able to participate in His victory over death.  I assure you:  he who believes in Me has eternal life and they welcome the proposal that Jesus the carpenter of Nazareth makes them His Body and Blood, Soul, and Divinity.
Perhaps this Gospel asks us all if we are capable of freeing ourselves to recognize the proposal of the Lord to feed us with His Body so that we can walk carrying His love and words of life.
We have the example in the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary that we celebrate this August 15th.  The mother teaches us “that her Son’s love nourishes us to become like her in an offering pleasing to God of loving, giving, and comforting others”.