Reflections - August 23, 2015

“Lord, to whom would we go?  You have the words that give eternal life.”  Jn. 6:68.
In this Gospel we find Jesus’ question:  “Would you also like to leave?” And Peter’s answer is an act of faith:  “Lord, to whom would we go?  You have the words that give eternal life”.
Peter’s act of faith caught my attention in a moment when for many the Lord’s message was unacceptable and He was abandoned.  It would be good to ask what the motivation was of those who listened to the Lord?
The motivation for some for following Jesus was because it resolved the need for food to soothe their physical hunger and for others was a pursuit of God, but without commitment.
Human beings are ambiguous.  We want to follow the Lord, but we do not want to abandon our disordered attachments.  In other words, “we want everything and we are not willing to give up anything”.  However Peter gave a response of faith that can only be given when you reach a deep level of friendship with the other person – “Lord, to whom would we go?............ And now we believe and know that you are the Holy One who has come from God”.  Peter against the rejection and lack of faith to his friend, Jesus, and with deep humility, allows God to put in his words a supernatural truth “outside of Christ there is no salvation”.  He has the Word of eternal life.
Our faith is constantly challenged.  If you look closely at the First Reading you will find the direct call that Joshua makes to the twelve tribes of Israel.  “If you do not think it is right to serve the Lord choose who to serve…..I and my house will serve the Lord”.
Like Christ, the Son of God, Joshua asks for “purity of intention” in our faith to sometimes examine our inconsistencies when we have to respond in faith to the moral relativism that affects our society, family and business environments.
Let us pray to the Lord in the Eucharist for Peter’s humility to recognize that only the Lord, the Bread of Life has “words that give eternal life”.