Reflections - July 26, 2015

“Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to those who were reclining.”  Jn. 6:11.
Today John’s Gospel presents us with the multiplication of the loaves……
The Gospel tells us that many people followed Jesus into the desert because they felt hunger for God and His Word.  They wanted something more than what a life without purpose offered and they leave their homes and the daily bread.  However, as they are filled with God through Christ’s words they feel they need earthly bread.  They then discover that the one who gives them the bread of eternal life is concerned about their earthly existence!  The Lord is afraid that they will die in the desert!
And the miracle occurs with a few loaves and fish.  But as soon as they were filled with the earthly bread some decided to negotiate with God’s gift and wanted to crown Him king but “he withdrew again to the mountain alone”.
There are two approaches to the miracle of the loaves Jesus realized.
The first is to look at the miracle with curiosity, but to stay locked in our own little world of our egos, ambitions, and needs and the miracle becomes a “fleeting experience” that does not commit us to the adorable figure of our Lord, Jesus Christ or our neighbor.  “You are looking for me not because you saw signs but because you ate the loaves and were filled”.  Jn. 6:26.
The second approach is to discover Jesus’ sensitivity.  “He was never a simple spectator” to the needs of others.  His sensitivity moves me to move around the needs of family and community and discover that “all interests me”.  I also discover that Jesus not only wants to satisfy earthly hunger, which today could very well be solved by new technologies, but also is interested and wants to fill the spiritual hunger of eternal life that we all have.  “Jesus is the living bread that came down from heaven.”  Jn. 6:51.
Let us pray to the Lord in this Sunday’s Eucharist that His Body, Blood, Soul, and divinity convert you into bread of life for your children and for your spouse, and with all your affection and love perhaps dedicate more time to your parish community by teaching catechism, worrying about respecting the life of the unborn and the solitude of the elderly.