Reflections - Jun. 14, 2015

“This is how it is with the kingdom of God; it is as if a man were to scatter seed on the land…….”.  Mk. 4:26.
This week the Lord tells us about the Kingdom of God using images from everyday life.  This message of salvation came into the heart of those humble people and describes the development of the Kingdom of God through the image of the mustard seed.
The message of the three parables in the Gospel of Mark is intended to explain that “the Kingdom of God is humble” like the seed:  humble but becomes large by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We must allow it to grow in us as Pope Francis says:  “without boasting:  allowing the Holy Spirit to come and change the soul and move us forward in silence, in peace, in tranquility in nearness to God and others in the adoration of God…”.
We should also offer the following question about the explanation that the Lord gives on the parable of the mustard seed as disciples and missionaries of Christ:  What kind of terrain am I that does not allow me to grow so that others can take shelter under branches?
We sometimes forget that the grain of mustard seed is the grace of God sown in us, as Pope Francis says:  “It is the smallest of all seeds and it manifests itself in silence perhaps in a house where money is scarce at the end of the month and there is just one meal a day eaten.  However in this house there is never a day when they don’t pray or attend to the family with a smile.  It is there where the Kingdom of God is growing slowly and silently without attracting attention just like the seed that develops under the Earth”.
Today upon receiving Communion ask the Sacred Heart for the grace to care for the Kingdom of God, which is in you through prayer, through adoration, and service to charity.  Ask Him to make you fertile ground so that the Kingdom of love and conversion will give fruit in you.  Amen.