Reflections - May 10, 2015

“As the Father loves me, so I also love you.  Remain in my love.”  Jn. 15:9
I heard a man saying:  “Seeing such lack of love in the world I think that God created the world and then went to sleep dreaming the eternal dream”.
However the Easter readings give us a very different message.  Jesus tells us about a God that is very near to us daily.  He tells us about a God who is a friend and communicates with us through love and gives us His only Son for our salvation.
There is a phrase from the Gospel that I would like to reflect on:  “Remain in my love”.  Jn. 15:9.
What does is mean to remain in his love?  It means to purify our love with the grace of God and prayer to remove cluttered interests to love Him and later submit to His Will assuming the commitment to love thy neighbor to the ultimate consequences.  Remember that we are partners in God’s plan through Baptism and we must each assume the role that has been assigned to us in a mundane environment and in the family.
Today, Mother’s Day, I would like to reflect on their mission in the family.  There is no one better than mothers to give us an example on how to give your life for the love of Christ.  A few days ago I read the biography of the Prime Minister of England, David Lloyd.  In his biography he recounted a time when his mother took him through the hills of Wales.  They never made it to their destination because they encountered a snowstorm.  They lost their way.  When they were found his mother was almost without clothes.  When they lifted her body they found underneath her the body of her child.  The mother had removed her clothes to cover her son and to protect him further she slept on top of him.  This child was David Lloyd, one of the most notable English statesmen of the First World War.  He always remembered the day that his mother had saved his life.  He said:  My mother was putting into practice Christ’s commandment of love, “loving as He loves us”.  “Let us love one another, because love is of God”.  1 Jn. 4:7.  “The love of a mother is the effective sign of God’s love in the world”.  Pope Francis.
I invite all mothers to discover through the Eucharist the kind look of the Lord that tells them with love:  “Do not be afraid.  My merciful love has conquered the world.  Remain in my love”.  I also invite all families in this month of May to pray the rosary to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for all mothers, dead and alive.
Happy Mother’s Day.