Reflections - April 5, 2015

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad. Psalm 118.
Today we are glad because the LORD resurrected.  He is our comfort.
Pope Francis tells us:  “Jesus resurrects to give comfort to His friends, to give them peace, and reaffirm them in the faith”.
Since Christ’s disciples were not prepared to see their Lord crucified, they had been destroyed.  There is nothing worse in our lives than to be unprepared for a test.
However today in Christ all is new.  The human soul of Christ enters his Body and that explosion of light and movement takes place that makes the stone that covered the tomb move.
On the morning of the first day of the week, Sunday, Mary Magdalene goes out to find a dead person and finds an empty tomb.  She continued to search for Him and she found a gardener.  Christ gives Mary a surprise full of happiness.  He comes to comfort the woman who gave him more than a “glass of water” and who accompanied His mother who was at the foot of the cross and then at his entombment.  Afterwards the beloved disciple, John, “saw and believed”.  Peter sees but does not understand.  His faith will gradually mature through the insight of who Christ is in his life.
We could also ask ourselves who else does the risen Christ appear to?  A teacher of spiritual life, Ignatius, says:  The first thing the risen Christ does is to see his mother, Mary.  Pope John Paul II repeated this and some may think that this wasn’t in the Gospel, but it is in the tradition of the Church and in the logic that a son will console his mother.
Brothers and sisters, today God’s plan has succeeded, hallelujah!
The risen Jesus brings us the good news that “today is the day the Lord has made”.  The disciples are transformed and they no longer flee.  The people listen to them and believe.  The authorities are alarmed.  They imprison them, but they do not quiet them.  The risen Christ has transformed them.
In Communion ask yourself:  Do I feel transformed by the risen Christ?  Do I feel that I am a witness for Him, cheerful and free, that announces to the community His living and comforting presence?