Reflections - Mar. 8, 2015

“I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery.  You shall not have other gods besides me.”  Ex. 20:2-3.
On this Third Sunday of Lent, the Church celebrates the Rites of the Catechumens, who are preparing to receive the Sacraments.  I would like to reflect on the first reading that tells us about the Ten Commandments.  Let us explain its meaning further.
The Commandments were declared at Mount Sinai.  Also known as “Decalogue” the first three are about the love of God and the remaining seven are about the love of our neighbor, which sets us apart as people of God…..a path of a life freed from slavery of sin.  Catechism #2056-57.
These mandates or commandments are sometimes presented to us as negative prohibited precepts for example, “Do not steal”.  Then in other words we find positive precepts such as, “Consecrate the day of the Lord”, that we, Christians, celebrate on Sundays after Christ’s Resurrection.  In both commandments the Lord shows us the way of Salvation.
I would like to dwell on the affirmation of God’s First Commandments:  “I am the Lord your God.  You shall have no other gods besides me”.
In this Commandment:  “You shall have no other gods besides me” the following is prohibited:  Polytheism and idolatry, that deifies a creature, power, money, even the devil for example superstition is a deviation from the worship due to God and of course it abounds here in Miami.  The irreligion of words…., or facts in the sacrilege that profanes things or sacred persons particularly the Eucharist….”.  Catechism #2010-2138.
What does the Lord invite us for through the Commandments?  He invites us to Love and Serve Him for in this is our Salvation.
Everything created by God on Earth is to help us to love and serve Him and to save my soul.  That is the purpose for which we were created   “To see God in all things”.
The Commandments are tools that help us to be free.  That is why in this Lenten Season we must discern through prayer and the examination of conscience where the ties and idolatries that enslave me lie.  There are many who live only to work, eat, sleep, watch TV, and to have a “good time”.  It would be good as we receive Communion to ask:  What am I looking for in my life?  Is it the Lord, my God?  Is He the center of my life?