Reflections - Mar. 15, 2015

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.”  Jn. 3:16.
When I read this biblical text from John I wonder:  What is your image of God?  Do you believe that he loves you unconditionally?
This phrase, “God so loved the world that he gave his Son….” is sometimes difficult to understand.  Remember that the Son of God assuming our human condition excepting sin was a scandal for the Greeks and blasphemy for the Jews.
How can we understand this unconditional love of God for all mankind?
In the Second Reading, St. Paul tells us that:  “by grace you have been saved through faith”.  Ef. 2:8.
We can say that we cannot buy Jesus Christ’s love, it is grace, but to discover His plan of love we have to love Him.  It is necessary this Lent to cultivate a certain taste for the interior life and contemplation.  For a Catholic this means to believe more and expect more even when we do not clearly see the everyday events of life by intensifying my prayer life and letting myself be guided by the Holy Spirit because only He knows who Jesus is and helps us to discern that He has died for all of us and that “His Divine Mercy is greater than our sins”.
The love of Christ is unconditional for all of us but we have to respond freely so that the grace of Christ’s loving forgiveness can be received.  We sometimes make our own plans not facing truth and the Lord’s love and we choose the darkness of evil, which has consequences in our life and in our soul.  Believing in Jesus Christ goes beyond words.
Let us ask the Lord through the Eucharist for us to be consistent with what we believe living our daily life with Christian sincerity and honesty and contributing to the salvation of others through our evangelizing work in our parish and family, but above all with our prayer.
Oh Lord Jesus, show me your goodness.  I ask you many times “do you love me”, but very frequently this truth does not penetrate into my heart when I get angry from a small criticism or when I become depressed by a small rejection.  Allow this Lent to become an opportunity to abandon all my resistance to Your love.