Reflections - Feb. 8, 2015

“Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed.”  Mk. 1:35.
After healing Peter’s mother-in-law and others, Jesus, before going out to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God withdraws to pray.
Jesus teaches us that to find oneself and our Father it is necessary to withdraw and seek the silence not only externally but internally as well.  We must leave behind, as Jesus did, all concerns and even turn off the mind to embrace the silence of God leaving behind the external world to purify us with the grace of God of all distress, anxiety, and of our idolatries, which do not allow us to hear what the Lord wants to manifest in our family and community life.
Jesus in that encounter with God his Father and in that silence also prayed giving thanks for His ministry and also prayed for the people who he found and cured, perhaps asking for courage and energy to continue His evangelizing mission.
My prayer life has to make me love my neighbor.  My prayer life also has to help me, with Christ’s grace, overcome my resentments because a resentful Christian cannot love his neighbor and even less serve him.
Prayer is opening up yourself to the heart of Jesus, fountain of living water, so that you will be more alive and more open to His will each day, which is love and mercy.  When you go to prayer ask Mary to take you to her Son, and ask Jesus to take you to the Father.
When you receive the Eucharist ask the Lord to help you discover how you can help in parish evangelization and persevere, without losing heart when faced with contradictions.  As Pope Francis says:  “You cannot carry the cross of our mission without asking the Lord for the virtue of hope”.