Reflections - November 15, 2015

“Then they will see ‘the Son of Man coming in the clouds’ with great power and glory”.  Mk. 13:26.
Today’s Gospel presents us with the final coming of the Son of Man.  Each day we are approaching the final encounter with the Lord.  The apocalyptic narrations in today’s readings invite us to be prepared to “see His coming”.
There are many people that are blind and cling “to their own world” and do not see a Christ that is every day closer to us.  They live as if God does not exist.  They have lost the sensitivity “to see ‘the signs of the times’ that is the encouraging love of God that flows uncontrollably and is stronger than any attempt to stifle it”.  Fr. Buelta, S.J.
The great challenge to “see” the Son of Man is to perceive Him in a world that tells us He is not there “in human neglected situations” when our insecurities start to fade and our walls, which sometimes imprison us start to “tremble”.  That is the moment to know “that the Lord is near” and does not abandon you.  It is the moment to ask Him for strength and to go to Him.  There are so many brothers and sisters who have seen God act at the end of their world through their depressions, their failures, and in their deathbeds.  When the end comes that may be the start of “letting go of the many things that blind and enslave us and of the things that happen in life that start to tremble”.  The message is very clear “see or perish”, as Fr. Chardin S.J. would say.  God’s logic in relation to us is that of love.  Love alone is almighty and permanent.
Today we all need a new sensitivity to see and perceive the Lord act in our changing and sometimes unfair world.  We must open up our eyes to prayer, to the images of Jesus, to the Rosary and then later we must lower our eyes to the streets of our society to discover these things in the faces of so many of our brothers and sisters hurt by sin and who are in need of Christ who is always coming with outstretched hands towards us with His love and forgiveness.
This is the way to see the Lord – acting with power.  Isaiah 43:19 says a very beautiful phrase:  “See, I am doing something new!  Do you not perceive it?”  The prophet calls us to see the new.  Take out of your lives the misleading schedules that imprison what we see.  Look at the new that arrives.  Look at the Son of Man that arrives every day in the poor and in the needy in a very unexpected and surprising way.
Let us pray to the Lord in the Eucharist to see Him in our everyday lives with the power of His love so that we may bring Him to all those who look to us for a word of love and compassion.