Reflections - Feb. 1, 2015

“Quiet! Come out of him!  The unclean spirit convulsed him and ……came out of him.”  Mk. 1:25-26.
Today the Gospel presents us the first apostolic activities of Jesus, healing the sick, reviving the dead, and preaching that the Kingdome of God is already here.  The miracle of healing a poor sick man, as the Gospel tells us, possessed by an evil spirit is an example of the war that Jesus faces against the forces of evil.
We live in a beautiful world out of the hands of God:  “God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good”, Gen. 1:31, but we know that sin has disfigured the order and peace of the world.
We can say that the society in which we live is full of unclean spirits, who steal the dignity of the innocent with drugs and wild sexual abandon.  There are also evil spirits who discriminate against the elderly and abuse power.
Above all there are many evil spirits who try to deny, as Pope Paul VI use to say:  “that evil is a living, spiritual, perverted being who perverts and a terrible mysterious and frightening reality”.
Of course it has been exaggerated many times when speaking of evil that it has been seen where it is not and it has become confused with mental illness, etc…
For this reason the Church has always been very careful to not accept people seen on TV programs “doing magic” and boasting about removing the evil eye, bad luck…….
However the message of Jesus in the synagogue at Capernaum was very liberating for all those enslaved by evil and suffering and above all to show us the disorder that affects our spiritual life.  Christ does not destroy man and woman, but the evil that paralyzes us.  “We cannot be divided”, 1 Cor. 7:34.
Let us pray to the Lord in the Eucharist that we learn to unite with Him to fight against unclean spirits that enslave our society and our families building a more humane environment together with You, our liberating Lord and Savior.