Reflections - Jan. 18, 2015

“What are you looking for?”  Jn. 1:38.
In this Ordinary Time the Church presents us in the Gospel of John a Christ who is near and questions us about what we are really looking for in our lives.
In the first book of Samuel, the Lord calls him:  Samuel!  Samuel!  Samuel responds:  “Speak, for your servant is listening”.  1 Sam. 3:10.  At first it was hard for Samuel to recognize what God wanted of him.  It is sometimes hard for us to discover what God wants from us.  We have to go to prayer to purify our intentions from too much “voluntarism” that prevent us from hearing and be available to what God wants to manifest through our religious or family vocation.
We also find Jesus in the Gospel of John who asks his disciples what they are really looking for in life.
Today Jesus might have asked the question in a different way.  He might have asked:  Why did you come into this world?  Did you come to work, eat, sleep and watch football?  This is not bad, but what happens afterwards?  It is just that Jesus’ question, “what are you looking for” is accompanied by a response that will fill the void of God in our lives:  “come and see”.  So they went and saw where Jesus was staying, and they stayed with him that day, “It was about four in the afternoon”.  That friendly encounter stayed in the memories of his disciples forever because they discovered through the words and testimony of Jesus that God was interested in them.  He was interested in their real problems.  He demonstrated that the Kingdom of God was here.
When you receive Sunday communion ask yourself:  What am I looking for in my religious and family vocation?  Am I looking for Christ or am I looking for myself?  If I am looking for Him what am I doing to continue his way of life?  Do I practice humility?  Do I practice charity?  How much time do I dedicate to prayer and to become intimate with the Lord?