Reflections - Sept. 28, 2014

Today the Gospel presents us with a parable about a father who asks his sons to help work the farm.  Yet the parable teaches us that one son said yes but didn’t go and the other one said no at first but later did the work.
What fruits can we draw from this parable for our spiritual life?
It occurs to me that sometimes in our life there are inconsistencies between what we say and what we do and all this affects in working for the Kingdom of God.
There is a phrase of Ignatian spirituality that invites us to ask the Lord in prayer for “the grace of knowing Jesus to love and serve Him”, because the more we love Jesus the more we will be willing to comply with His holy will.  Of course this requires a prayerful life to be more humble and to refuse ourselves to serve Him.
The parable of the two sons is an invitation to be consistent with what we say and do by examining our intentions with great humility recognizing when we are wrong and repenting.  Let us pray in the Eucharist for the grace of conversion to rid ourselves of the inconsistencies between what we say and do and fulfill the will of God in our daily lives at work, with our families and community.