Reflections - Dec. 14, 2014

“So they asked him,  “Who are you?  I am the voice crying out in the desert, make straight the way of the Lord”.  Jn. 1:22-23.
This Third Sunday of Advent is known as a time to be glad about the proximity of Christmas.
It is like it states in the First Reading:  “The Lord has sent me to bring glad tidings”.  Is. 61:1.
It is a time, as Pope Francis says:  that no one is excluded from the nearness of the Lord.   There is no reason to think that God is far away from me.  On the contrary, he is present in me when I go to the Sacrament of Confession and I start changing my egos, my sins, my negativity bringing that good news that “the Lord loves me”.
It is also a time as St. Paul says:  To be “always joyful”.  1 Thes. 5:16.
We sometimes forget that if our spiritual life, our life of prayer, does not convert us into happy Christians it is because, perhaps, we turn off the Holy Spirit, Spirit of joy and peace.  Pope Francis says that recognizing  God’s mercy in our lives sprouts a hymn of praise and joy in us.
We have to be a voice that cries out in the desert.
A few days ago some children were playing with a piece of glass and the light of the sun reflected on a paper.  I told one of them to be careful not to burn the paper.  The child answered  - “It is not I.  It is the sun that’s burning it”.  How well said:  “It is not I”.
That is what John the Baptist teaches us:  “to be a voice crying in the desert”.  Be a voice of joy, hope, and conversion.
Remember that we are a crystal that reflects in the desert of souls the voice of the Lord that comforts and also his heart that loves, his hands that help the needy, his ears that listen, and his feet that seeks souls to take them in this time of Advent to the feet of Christ and his mother, Mary.