Reflections - Nov. 9, 2014

“……Zeal for your house will consume me”.  Jn. 2:17.
Today the Church celebrates the feast of the dedication of the Lateran Basilica.  This tradition has been celebrated since the XII century.
Constantine donated this basilica to the Church in the fourth century and it has survived earthquakes, fires and invasions by the barbarians.  It is the best symbol of how over the centuries the Church has suffered tests and disasters of all kinds, spiritual and material, but has always been restored and renewed.  This is our Church, human and divine.
Our Church is the bride of Christ.  How well the Lord says in the Gospel, inspired by Psalm 69, “zeal for your house will consume me”.
You and I are also very dear temples of the Lord.  The apostle Paul says:  “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”
1 Cor. 3:16.
To be God’s temple, my dear brother and sister, is an honor, but it is also a responsibility for every man and woman baptized.  We all form the Mystical Body of Christ.
Sometimes we, as temples of God, should ask the Lord for the grace of a grateful mind to look back and see what he has done in our lives through His Word lived in His Church.  “Remember the days past when, after you had been enlightened, you endured a great contest of suffering.”  Heb. 10:32.  “Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.  Imitate their faith.”  Heb. 13:7.
Pope Francis says:  “By a grateful mind, the Church testifies to the Salvation of God and reminds us that by Baptism we were engendered for holiness in one holy body – that of our Mother, the Church.  The Church is holy:  it remains in the world as an opaque and bright sign at the same time…..its holiness, its intimate life, prayer, the hearing of the Word and the teachings of the apostles, fraternal charity, the breaking of the bread, and the witness to life all provoke admiration and conversion.”
In the profession of the faith in the Creed we say that we believe that the Church is one holy catholic and apostolic Church and that with its limitations but with its greatness it has existed for more than two thousand years.
Let us pray in the Eucharist for the grace of a grateful mind to feel passion for our Church, the house of God and the gate to heaven, an thank the Lord for its presence.  Amen.