Reflections - Oct. 12, 2014

“My friend, how is it that you can in here without a wedding garment?”  Mt. 22:12
Some time ago I went to eat at a restaurant and there was a couple at the entrance saying:  “We have all the money needed to buy this place and you don’t let us enter so that we may have dinner?”  The owner replied:  “The money is not the problem.  It is just that you are not dressed properly to enter”.
When I was reflecting on the Gospel this week I remembered what happened with this couple at the restaurant and I thought if something similar might happen with the Kingdom of God.
Jesus Christ invites us to enter into the Kingdom of God through Baptism.  However, there are some you make excuses to the commitment of God’s call.
Through Baptism we have received the robe of the Lord.  What is the robe?  It is having mercy, forgiveness, and solidarity with the poor and abandoned.  We have the Lord’s mandate as a parish community to welcome all.
“Fight”, as Pope Francis says, “so that the culture of discarding does not eliminate human being ignoring them or in other cases ignoring the weakest, the unborn children and the elderly”.  “Every child not born and condemned unjustly to be aborted has the face of the Lord.  Every elderly person, even if they are sick or at the end of their days, carries within the face of God.  They cannot be discarded”.
Let us pray to the Lord as an evangelizing community to always have the robes of charity for all.  I could perhaps ask myself upon receiving Holy Communion:  Do I see the face of the Lord in my brothers and sisters?  And what do I do to help them?
Remember that with that “robe of charity” we will enter the feast of the Kingdom of God.
Do not forget to have in your prayers the Synod of the family that will be celebrated  in Rome and the upcoming beatification of Pope Paul VI.