Funeral Services


Dear Friends in Christ:

The St. Raymond community extends its prayers and condolences on the loss of your loved one. The death of a family member can leave us feeling at a loss or empty. Grief can place a great burden on us, making the necessary arrangements seem even greater. Some of these arrangements include the planning of the funeral Mass. As your loved one is entitled by his or her baptism to a Mass of Christian Burial, the perfect prayer of our Church, we thank you for offering this mass for them.

As Christians, we celebrate the Christian funeral to offer worship, praise, and thanksgiving to God for the gift of life which has now returned to God. The celebration of the funeral rites is a way to remind us of God’s mercy and to bring hope and consolation in a time of crisis.

The family is invited meet with a parish priest to assist with plans for the funeral Mass.  We realize that family members of the deceased are more or less comfortable with the planning and participation of liturgies, especially during such a difficult time. Please feel free to do as much or as little according to your personal comfort level. If you do not wish to participate in the selection of music or family members offering the readings at mass, please let us know. We will gladly have others assist from the parish with these roles.

On behalf of the pastoral staff and parishioners of St. Raymond Catholic Church, may the peace and consolation of Christ be yours. I pray that as you go through these difficult emotional times that you remember to have us keep your loved ones in our prayers.  Again, please contact your parish priest for assistance and an appointment to help with your planning.

May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

Fr. Hernandez

The Order of Christian Funerals

Traditionally, full Catholic funeral rites are celebrated in three stages--the vigil service, as part of the visitation; the Funeral Mass; and the committal service at the graveside or mausoleum. Each section is an important part of the funeral liturgy of the Catholic Church.

The Vigil Service

The Vigil most often takes places at a funeral home and normally consists of a Scripture Service comprised of readings, reflections, and prayers. The vigil service is the appropriate time to share stories and eulogies about the deceased. It may be possible to incorporate favorite music, whether sacred or secular. Discuss these options with your chosen Funeral Director.

The Funeral Mass

Suggested Readings: Your priest can help you choose an appropriate reading for the funeral mass.  If you have other sacred scripture passages from the New American Bible you wish to offer, discuss them with Father. In most cases, other scripture readings than those suggested herein may be used. No secular readings (Poems, short stories, etc.) are permitted at funeral liturgies.

Readers you choose should come prepared and should bring a copy of their readings with them to the funeral mass. They will sit with their families and will be invited forward by the priest when they are to proclaim the readings. You may choose one, two or three readers to proclaim the readings and the prayers at mass. - one person for the Old Testament reading, one for the New Testament reading and third for the prayer of the faithful.  Or optionally, the same person may proclaim multiple readings. It is strongly suggested that the readers be Catholic.

The psalm response is usually sung and chosen by the organist and the Gospel chosen by the priest. If you have suggestions in these areas please feel free to make them.

The Committal Service

Most often, the committal service takes place immediately after the Mass. (This may not be true when burial is to take place in another city, or if the body is to be cremated after the Mass.)

*A note on cremation and the Catholic Church:

The Funeral Mass (of Resurrection) is a Mass offered to God for the intention of a deceased loved one with the body of the deceased present either in:

- "The flesh - inside a coffin" (the more traditional style)

- "Ashes - in a cremation coffin"

Either presentation of the deceased at the Mass are one and the same thing for the purposes of a funeral mass.

The Church requires that our human body's remains be interned: from ashes we come and to ashes we shall return.  Ashes may be interned in a cemetery or intact at the bottom of the ocean.  It is not permitted that ashes of a loved one be kept at home or thrown to the wind or scattered among the waters.


St. Raymond Catholic Church in keeping with the policies of the Rite of Christian Burial for the Universal Church and the Archdiocese of Miami does faithfully follow the Church's teaching on matters of funeral rite.

Other points to consider

Music Selections

An organist and/or Singer can be provided by the church, if you so desire, but there is an additional charge.  Please inform the Father when you make arrangements.

Use of Pre-Recorded Music: 

The playing of pre-recorded music (CD’s, tapes, DVD’s etc.) may take place during the visitation, at the Vigil, or at the Committal Service. Pre-recorded music is not permitted during Mass.

Use of Secular or Popular Music: 

Secular or popular music can sometimes be meaningful, and may be included at the Vigil or during the Committal Service. It may not be included at the Funeral Mass.


Referencing the liturgical guidelines: Order of Christian Funerals, # 141:

According to the most recent instructions for the celebration of mass and the Funeral Rites of the Church, the appropriate place and time for eulogies is the Vigil service, which is normally held at the funeral home, the evening prior to the Funeral. They may also be given at the cemetery or perhaps following at the post-funeral gathering. However, please feel free to send some words of remembrance to the priest who will be celebrating the funeral mass. It is appropriate that he incorporate some personal information about the deceased in his homily at the mass.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (No. 1688) as well as the Catholic Rite of Christian Funerals cautions against personal eulogies at a funeral Mass. The rite reads, “A brief homily based on the readings is always given after the gospel reading at the funeral liturgy and may also be given after the readings at the vigil service; but there is never to be a eulogy.” 

The custom of the eulogy comes in part from Protestant funeral services that may not have the rich ritual and prayers that are ours. Nevertheless, for pastoral and personal reasons, some Catholic pastors have caused confusion by allowing eulogies to become customary in some places, inviting words of personal remembrance by family or friends to be said at a Catholic liturgy with varying liturgical or theological content.

Thank you for your understanding that the primary focus of a funeral liturgy, like all Masses, is about Jesus Christ, the Resurrection, the Eucharist and God's Loving Mercy on all of us, sinners - the promise for those who have died in his Grace.

Military Honors

If there will be military honors taking place at the cemetery, your funeral director will assist with necessary arrangements. 

If the casket comes to the church draped in a flag, the flag is removed before the liturgy begins and then put back on the coffin after the pall has been removed at the end of the liturgy.

Offering the Bread and Wine at Mass

Additionally, two or as many as four family members may be asked to offer the bread and wine at mass, which will become the Eucharist the body and blood of our Lord. These participants should be Catholic as this presentation is a rich symbol of the gifts of the people being offered for the sacrament of the Church.

Church Funeral Expenses - Donations

St. Raymond Catholic Church expense rates for funeral rites have been distributed to the area Funeral Homes.  You should not be charged more than as indicated below herein:

- Wake Service, Mass of Resurrection (with body / ashes present) and Cemetery Service: $250

- Wake Service, Mass of Resurrection (with body / ashes present) but NO Cemetery Service: $250

- Mass of Resurrection (with body / ashes present) and Cemetery Service but NO Wake Service: $250

- Mass of Resurrection (with body / ashes present) but NO Wake Service OR Cemetery Service: $250

- Wake Service and Cemetery Service without a Mass: $250

- Memorial Mass (NO body / ashes present) Service: $250


As a norm, we will only perform services for members of the parish or people that live within the jurisdiction of the Church.  But if you decide to use our church you will always be welcomed.

Needy persons will not be turned away - St. Raymond Catholic Church has other available means of helping their own, thus lack of finances should never become the subject of additional emotional pain.